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5 Stars

Hotel Patria Palace
At last Lecce has a Pregiohotel to enhance the Baroque atmosphere of the centre of this city of(...)

4 Stars

Palazzo Baldi
In 1500 the town of Galatina had an important economical increase and the economical activities(...)

Grand Hotel Tiziano
Grand Hotel Tiziano , the only one in town and in the Salento area, is a first class structure with(...)

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Our philosophy is simple- to create the most enjoyable cultural travel experience possible, featuring the best accomodations at the most reasonable cost.

Apulia is a treasure – house of art and culture . The region could be described as one of great archaeological site , with its dolmens , its traces of forgotten cities and abandoned medieval villages.

Choose the hotels you want to utilize during your holiday and enjoy yourself visiting the best of Apulia .

Lecce , for example , known for its magnificent churches , lovely piazzas and some of the most elegant houses in Italy . Also known as the capital of the baroque , Lecce delights visitors with its hundreds of ornate structures featuring cherubs , apostles , flowers.

Otranto , is a charming town , full of history , which is worth visiting with attention. A walk in the old town centre , through the alleys and the narrow streets paved with stones is definitely obligatory.

Ostuni , white town with light and lime , overlooks the Adriatic sea , offering itself to the visitor in all its radiant beauty.

Castellana Grotte , a small town , home to a series of caverns that have been carved out over the centuries by water streaming through the rocky soil. The journey into the earth ends with the majestic Grotta Bianca.

There is one other attraction that you'll see only in Apulia , and that is “trulli” , visible in a town called Alberobello . Trulli are cylindrical buildings with concal dome- like roofs dating back to antiquity , and now symbols of Puglia .

Our properties are as diverse as Puglia itself . Some are charming in their simplicity ; others are just luxurious : but they share the specific set of qualities that are the hallmarks of a Iside Viaggi property.

Choose from our selection of romantic hotels and accommodations in Puglia to start your trip in this wonderful land ….