One of the main reason you visit a destination is to “see the sights” .

Seeing a destination is fine , but actually experiencing its culture is the ultimate joy with us; you'll enjoy special events that make your vacation fun and memorable.

Our journeys often include “off the – beaten- path” places where authentic artisans and people wait to be discovered.

On our tours , we will explore –deeps into this region passing along the Adriatic coast and venturing inland to visit its “trulli” houses , baroque palaces , rich farmland and the relaxing landscapes of Puglia 's vibrant countryside.

And not forget the cuisine . Olive oil is produced in enormous quantities.

Specialities you'll taste during the tours include : Focaccia , bread flavoured with olives and fennel; panzerotti ; melenzane alla campagnola ( aubergines roasted and soaked in oil , garlic and basil ) ; and the wines for wich Puglia is the great producer.

Fresh ingredients and a legendary cooking ability combine to give you a new story to tell for each meal…

Evenings , dine on rustic and savory Pugliese cuisine and overnight in centuries – old lodgings laden with luxuries.

Get into the magnificent world of “FranSicile & Iside Viaggi” and discover Puglia in all its beauty. Visit historic small towns and find out unknown and hidden spots, where city walls, castles , stoned streets , beautiful churches and buildings have created their own history…

After the end of the tour , we'll leave , with a few regret , this generous land and it's beautiful sea and history…



Regional gastronomy is fundamentally linked to two factors: its geographical shape and its historical affairs.


Puglia is famous for its particular baroque palaces and churches , whose surfaces are covered in intricate decorations highlighted by the white limestone.


For most foreign visitors , Puglia is a little known but fascinating region of Italy .


This tour combine guided walking tours in famous cities with excursions in the wine areas.