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We are in the travel market from 1996. We are not a Travel Agency . We are Travel specialists.

Our professional staff members have had years of experience living in Sicily . Their rich background
ensure that they perfectly know their region.

Our knowledge is not just from few trips , its not from brochures or the internet , but it's from living and experiencing our country and its culture.

We believe that to offer a personalized service , tairlormade for every requirement of the customer it's the only way in order to help the travellers to organize an unforgettable vacation..

Together with you we'll design an itinerary that includes the cities and regions you want to explore.
We'll also help you to find the perfect accomodations, restaurants , activities that your trip require.

From the day you contact us to the moment you step on the plane , we're at your complete disposal
working with you every steps of the way , in order to create " your ideal travel".

Don't exitate to contact us , we would very much enjoy making your Sicily or Apulia itinerary our next project....

Here you have a part of our team:
Our guides and drivers are an integral part of our tours, which is why we select experts who are
based on Sicily.

Our drivers and guides are the vital elements that make each of our tours a positive and wonderful Ê

They are specialists in different fields , yet they all have a passionate fascination with Sicily and will be
very happy to share their knowledge with our partecipants..


She is the organization mind of her Travel agencies: FranSicile and Iside Viaggi .
Angela's passion for Sicily began over 12 years ago when she studied languages.
People find Angela's enthusiasm for "All Things Sicilians" infectuos and her knowledge of the sicilian culture invaluable.
Our young expert travel Manager will help you to make your trip absolutely unique.
Call her and let's get your fantastic trip started..


Coming from an artistic school, she later discovered her passion for travels.
She works in our agency from 2000 and she is responsable of our contability but not only...
She'll design your itinerary with the same passion she utilizes to paint its pictures ...


She has travelled a lot and has visited the greater part of the localities we proposed in our web syte .
She is the responsable of our brochure and she personally cures the contacts with the Italian Travel agencies and customers.
She is "a breath of fresh air" for FranSicile's team.. she is one true professional ... very careful and precise...


Michele is been born and grown in Sicily and works in our company from 2000 .
He manages our tour operator specialized in the outgoing : Iside Viaggi.
His preferred region is Apulia.
He has over 8 years experience in the travel business and knows Puglia tours routes very well.
He's great at helping you choose the best trip ..
Attention : you do not ask for Michele but of Mike, the nickname with which he is known from everybody

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